Green roofs

Green roofs. Roof greening can offer you great value in many ways. Weather protection, increased sound insulation and a pleasant climate inside the building, as well as additional living areas for people and habitats for animals and plants in the outdoor space. The environment is also protected along the way with the support of the natural water cycle and the binding of dust and pollutants. The added aesthetic bonus comes free of charge. Everything from a single source.


The basis of our roof greening is a mineral optimised substrate made from recycled roofing tiles that have been collected locally and according to the principle "on-site for the site". Its retention and structural stability is laboratory tested and complies with the guidelines of the SFG and FOEN. All other system components such as roof Contec.proof are coordinated and guarantee a high quality green roof that will retain its elasticity and resistance to root penetration for decades to come.

Intensive and extensive

Our seeds (wet or dry sowing) and our specially cultivated sedum shoots are from species that are typical of the area. Our extensive planting is inexpensive and highly maintenance-free. Thanks to its light weight, it can also be implemented on existing roofs without further special requirements. Furthermore, it is frost and drought resistant. Although our intensive planting is more costly and requires more care, it is still ecologically valuable and offers a lush roof garden as additional recreational space for people, animals and fauna.