Since the founding of Contec AG, environmental awareness and sustainability have become a permanent and integral component of our company philosophy. That is how we are investing in our company, our employees and families; we invest in you, as a partner and customer; and we invest in a worthwhile future for everyone.


Actions instead of words at our head office

The flat roof and green area around our head office have been awarded the quality label «Nature Park» by the Nature & Economy Foundation.

Actions instead of words as we recycle our products

We have been processing clean sections from our water-sealing production since 2003 and transformed them into a collection of fine bags. The remnants are then reworked into granulated rubber mats.
The separating PE films on the Contec.proof master rolls are 100% recycled into PE vapour barriers.
Our roof substrate Contec.fior is made up to 75% with roof tiles sourced and processed locally. This is then mixed with gravel and compost. Thereby creating a 100% natural product that can always be recycled. We reclaim old roof water-sealings and find a new use for them as covers for silage or firewood, as second-hand water-sealings or process them into structural protection mats.

We are open to inspections and advice

The company Intep, which is involved in quality and environmental management, advises us and has compared our Contec.proof with bitumen and plastic. We are pleased to show you the test report with the results and findings here.