Area of use

The rubber seal for bodies of water does not flush out any pollutants such as herbicides or pesticides, it has an expected service life of over 50 years, it is resistant to ultraviolet rays as well as highly elastic and resistant to the penetration of roots.
We cut, weld and vulcanise our synthetic rubber seals in our factory in Uetendorf. This is how we create up to 90 percent of our prefabricated water-sealings for natural ponds, or up to 60 percent for swimming ponds. They are installed by a horticulturalist and soon you will be able to enjoy your newly created body of water.
  • Swimming pond
  • Biotope
  • Amphibian pool
  • Fish pond
  • Koi pond
  • Artificial pool
  • Renaturation pool
  • Storage basins
  • Bodies of water for golf courses