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Green roof Contec.fior

Create a valuable habitat with extensive and/or intensive green roofs.

A green lung on your roof looks magnificent and is good for the entire environment.


  • Creates habitat for people, plants and small animals
  • Suitable for new buildings or renovations
  • Supports the natural water cycle
  • Water storage relieves the sewer system


Extensive roof greening

Climate protection made easy. Give green space back to nature in a simple way.


  • Low cost
  • Low weight
  • No special requirements for the roof construction
  • Can be implemented on existing roof surfaces
  • Frost and drought resistant


Facts Extensive green roof

For this undemanding green roof mainly sedum and herbs are used. With little effort you create an important contribution to climate protection.

Create an attractive recreational space on your flat roof with intensive green roofing.

A lush roof garden with trees and bushes up to 2 meters and a roof area that makes you forget that you are on a flat roof.


  • Flat roof can be used as a roof garden or additional living space
  • High ecological value
  • Increase in value of the building


  • Seeding & planting time: April to June and September to October
  • Special requirements: Load-bearing roof structure (building physics and static test)