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Since the foundation of Contec AG in 1992, environmental awareness and sustainability have been an integral and applied part of our company philosophy. We thus invest in our company, in our employees and families; we invest in you as a partner and customer; and we invest in a future worth living for all.

Actions instead of words at our headquarters

The flat roof and green area around our headquarters have been awarded the "Nature Park" quality label by the Nature & Economy Foundation.

Actions instead of words when recycling our products

We have been processing cuttings from our waterproofing production into bags since 2003, and leftover pieces are processed into rubber scrap mats.

The PE release sheets on the Contec.proof mother rolls are 100% recycled into PE vapor retarders.

Our Contec.fior roof substrate consists of 75% regionally collected and processed roof tiles and is enriched and mixed with gravel and compost. This results in a 100% natural product that can be recycled again and again.

We take back old roofing membranes and use them as coverings for silage or firewood, as second-hand waterproofing or to make building protection mats.

We let us control and advise

The company Intep, active in the field of quality and environmental management, advises us and has compared our Contec.proof with bitumen and plastic. We are happy to show you the test report with results and findings here