Green roof

Having greenery on the roof is not only pretty and attractive, it is also useful. Create a valuable living space for yourself, small animals and plants with extensive and/or intensive roof greening.


  • Wide scope of creative freedom
  • Complements a roof terrace beautifully
  • Living space for people, plants and small animals
  • New building or renovation
  • No roof penetration

Roof construction Rubber green roof

Optional: Contec.watt - Photovoltaics

Intelligent technology, high energy efficiency, safety, performance guarantees and a long service life. That is what you can expect from our tested photovoltaic systems.

Contec.fior - Roof greening

The substrate for your green roof. This substrate is produced in Switzerland from locally sourced and recycled roof tiles. Contec.fior facilitates the storage of large amounts of water and plant nutrient matter. - Fall protection

Our CE-tested and perforation-free fall prevention system for gravel and green roofs. The installation and inspection work is carried out by certified personnel.

Contec.flex - Protection and separation layers

Works as a protective and separating layer for the materials used in the build-up of coats. Available in thicknesses of 1mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm.

Contec.drain – Water storage panels

Guarantees the storage of large amounts of water and reliable storage during periods of heavy rainfall. The Contec.drain panels are particularly suitable for roof greening.

Contec.retention – Water management

Green roofs with Contec.retention are able to store and evaporate 40 - 90% of the precipitation, this means they provide significant support for often overloaded drainage systems.

Contec.proof – Rubber seal

A safe and elegant solution. Our long-lasting sealing material Contec.proof is UV-resistant, root-resistant, and does not contain any herbicides or pesticides. The EPDM rubber is welded together without glue and solvent and retains its elasticity for decades. Prefabricated and customized water-sealings for roofs and bodies of water in any form.

Contec.fix - Mechanical fixing

Contec.fix is a penetration-free mechanical fixing, developed in several variants to ensure its simple yet precise application in different areas.

Contec.therm - Thermal insulations

Our thermal insulations have proved their worth in technical terms and they can be recycled. We use one of our four types of Contec.therm depending on the nature of the roof.

Contec.vap – Vapour barrier

To reduce the diffusion of vapour on flat roofs. Contec-vap is available in two variants. Contec-vap bitumen is also used as an emergency roof during the construction period.